Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 8th Birthday Asher!

Today Asher is 8 years old. Here are a couple pictures from opening presents before school.

Busy day. I'll post more pictures later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Not an Anti-Blogger

My sister, Heidi, has accused me of being her anti-blogging sister. I have been extremely busy lately. Asher is in football and Kasey is in volleyball. Kasey just made her school team too, ask me how I'm going to fit that in :)

Kasey's team has won every match.

My dad is helping coach Asher's team. Asher is standing in front of my dad (with his hand on his hip).

I also decided to go to school to be a nail technician. I start Monday. They tell me it will take about 3 months. I'm hoping to learn how to do Glitter Toes too, yay!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rise & Shout

My family loves BYU Football. A bunch of us went to their first game on Saturday. BYU won, go Cougars! We didn't all sit together. But close enough to get pictures of everyone.

My brother, Darren, and niece, Katie.

Me & Asher

Me & Heidi (see the where the band is on the very right of the picture)

Me & Matt

Jairon (shaved head and sunglasses), sliver of Will's head, part of Asher's face and Y hat, and my dad. Remember how I pointed out the band in the picture of Heidi & I? These guys are sitting just by the band. Doesn't my camera have a great zoom? :)

Also, can I just mention how fun it was to be at a BYU game with my dad. Last year Heidi & I went to a game and had tears in our eyes most of the game, missing our dad because he was on his mission. Glad he went, glad he's home. Love you Dad!

P.S. Heidi, you OWE me!!

I know some of you are waiting for a post about my new house. Well, two bedrooms in the basement flooded tonight. So, I'm just not ready to post about the house yet! That one needs to come from a happy place :)