Friday, February 22, 2008

My 100

1. My husband is 16 inches taller than me.
2. I gag if I see someone brushing their teeth.
3. My son is named Kane (it was my mother's maiden name, I know people wonder where it came from).
4. I went to massage therapy school but still don't have my license (anyone want to help me study anatomy?).
5. I would buy my Sandy house if it was for sale.
6. I'm good at math.
7. I am not a good writer (I have anxiety about blogging sometimes).
8. I've been in the execution room at the prison.
9. Someday I'll have elective surgery.
10. I've had Lasik. Not as bad as I thought it would be.
11. I used to have 12 piercings.
12. I still have 2 tattoos (after my tummy tuck I will probably only have one).
13. I love summer.
14. I get S.A.D. in the winter.
15. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
16. I started kindergarten when I was 4 (my birthday is in October).
17. I went to school in Colorado for a while (glad I experienced life outside of Utah for a while, but I never want to live in another state again).
18. I always start conversations with strangers.
19. I am completely terrified of public speaking, I dropped my Communications class in college because I had so much anxiety about it.
20. I love to talk on the phone (and text).
21. I am so grateful that I am still so close to my high school friends.
22. I am a procrastinator (I bought a book called Overcoming Procrastination, I still haven't read it, seriously).
23. I hate it when people spit in public.
24. I think Jim Carrey is kind of hot (post Dumb & Dumber).
25. I let my kids play video games and watch TV.
26. I love roller coasters and big scary rides (anyone want to do the catapult at Lagoon with me?).
27. I absolutely love going to Lake Powell, I hope it doesn't dry up.
28. My favorite monster trucks are: Grave Digger (of course), Pastrana 199 and Avenger
29. I'm going to Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas next month.
30. I wear a Shade shirt, hoodie & clogs every day of winter (even to church).
31. I can find just about anything on the internet.
32. I like to drink Rock Star Juiced, and am kind of embarrassed about it.
33. I can tap dance.
34. I really dislike camping.
35. I like to do tricks on the trampoline.
36. I like to listen to music really loud in my car.
37. My house isn't very clean and I don't care.
38. I have never, ever mowed a lawn.
39. I can play the piano.
40. I am not a "have a pet" kind of person.
41. I am really afraid of spiders, I can sense them too.
42. I can not watch scary movies (or previews for scary movies).
43. I watch TV, a lot.
44. I've had TiVo for 8 years.
45. I once got caught skipping school by the police. My parents were out of town and my brother never told them, thanks Darren! (nevermind, read my brothers comment about this)
46. I love BYU football, I've been going to games since I was little.
47. I consider myself a Salt Lake county person not a Utah county person (I stole this one from Heather, but it's true for me too).
48. I really don't like to get ready.
49. I love to get massages & pedicures.
50. I like to do Bikram Yoga.
51. I've been to two Grateful Dead concerts and two Backstreet Boys concerts (and a lot in between).
52. I really like to eat chips & dip.
53. I've taken anti-depressants.
54. I really miss the TV show Joan of Arcadia.
55. I also really miss the old Sesame Street, and I get a little teary watching clips on You Tube.
56. I love that I feel really safe with my husband (he looks pretty intimidating, huh?).
57. I own almost every Steve Martin movie.
58. I like to stay up late.
59. I played the baritone for a quarter in 7th grade.
60. I don't like all of my moles, but I pretend they don't bother me.
61. I would like to collect tin lunch boxes (where would I put them?).
62. My graduating class was huge, like over 1,000 (Alta '94).
63. I commuted from Pleasant Grove to Sandy for school my whole senior year (sometimes I just drove to Abi's and went back to bed, sorry mom).
64. Purple is my favorite color.
65. I wish I could be a mom like my mom.
66. I once did the Master Cleanser for 8 days.
67. I need to do the Master Cleanser again.
68. I'm pretty stinking good at Guitar Hero.
69. I rarely wear socks.
70. I don't really like road trips, being in the car is pretty boring.
71. I have to fall asleep on my stomach.
72. I am grateful for my faith.
73. I love that I am close with my siblings (and their spouses).
74. I really like to shop online. Sometimes I fill a shopping cart then just leave the computer.
75. I'm sensitive.
76. I am rarely late.
77. I love the relationships I have with my kids.
78. I got married at my parents house.
79. It was my husband's second marriage.
80. I'm really annoyed that my face still breaks out.
81. I love my ward and neighbors.
82. House is my favorite TV show.
83. Both my boys knew the National Anthem when they were 2.
84. French kissing kind of grosses me out.
85. My dad is an identical twin (he and his brother are so the same).
86. I really dislike most country music.
87. I like to make dinner in my crock-pot.
88. I don't mind going to the dentist - especially now that I go to the same dentist as Heidi (see Heidi's 100 list #10)
89. I used to have a lady clean my house, wish I could still afford her.
90. I think my husband has a cool job (corrections officer).
91. My boys were born at 40 1/2 weeks and 41 weeks.
92. They were 8lb3oz and 9lb4oz.
93. If there is a next time I will schedule a c-section at 39 weeks.
94. I really, really, really miss Grocery Guys.
95. My daughter is 13 and is already at least four inches taller than me.
96. I believe in alternative healing.
97. My kids go to a charter school.
98. Sometimes I read the obituaries.
99. I can keep a secret.
100. I have worked for my dad's company (now my brother's company) since I was a sophmore in high school.


Darren Hintze said...

Hey Steph,

Yeah! you FINALLY finished! Sheesh, I can't believe how long it took you. :-)

7 - You are not a bad writer, but feel free to worry anyway. :-)

22 - Classic.

27 - Me too, Lake Powell is my favorite place on earth.

40 - Why is it none of us like pets?

45 - Actually, I did call mom and dad, but they thought you'd probably learned the lesson and didn't say anything else about it.

68 - You are better than "pretty stinking good" at Guitar Hero.

73 - I think it rocks our family is so technically savvy and uses it to communicate and stay close.

80 - I made a deal with God that I'd grow up when He stopped giving me zits. Guess which side is winning?

84 - My sister mentioning French kissing grosses me out.

88 - Any chance the dental hygenist will make me want to go too?

Great list steph!

Steph said...

Good Job it was so fun to read about you. I think we are more alike than just our names. I am so your girl for all the scary rides. I can never find anyone to go on them with me. And the online shopping I do the EXACT same thing. I love to pick things out and then just leave them in the cart. It is like I get the excitement from shopping without spending all the money.
Oh and I think you are a great writer.

Savage Family said...

Love the list it was so fun to read it!! Ok so I am with you #20,43,49,58 and count me in on #26!! No wonder why we friends! I didn't know you could play the piano or tap dance WOW! I want to see that! lol! I wish #89 for me too! You are awesome and I love that we understand each other!!!

Stephanie said...

45 - Darren I can't believe they didn't say anything, ever! Actually I just learned to sluff more carefully, lol!

Lindsay said...

Loved it! K, please tap dance for me. I love people to dance for me, you can tap dance and Heidi can do ballet and I will be your cheering audience--serious....

They released sesame street season 1 and 2 on DVD!!! Did you not know this? Go check it out on amazon, I LOVE old school sesame street!

There are several things about myself that I don't like, but I am good at pretending too!

You are awesome, I'm so glad I know you!

Chardell said...

I feel like I could have written at least a third of that list. I laughed the hardest at sensing spiders. That is so funny that Darren told on you and you didn't know all these years. Love your list, now instead of watch Office reruns to pick me up i'll just get on and read everyones 100 lists (at least your family's because you guys are all so funny). I'm going to have to wait a little while to do one in order to prevent copying things. Okay that's just an excuse not to do mine yet. I can't believe you think you can't write.

Jill Bearden said...

Hey Steph. I laughed at your procrastination book that is still waiting to be read...that's SO me! I like that you are honest about yourself. I am still working on my's quite daunting!

Heidi Irene said...

Great List!
5- me too
22- That is really funny!
24- ditto
25- What sort of mother are you!? ; )
31- this is true.
38- I have mowed yours!
59- Didn't know this
84-You and Linds are missing out!
Lets make a deal, you help me with my times tables and I will help you write! : ) Love you Steph!

carrie said...
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carrie said...

I loved your list!! I'm going to comment like your brother did, 'cause I just liked that. :o)

Here are my favorites...hee hee
#3: I'm with you on the maiden name thing. Bo is named Boden, after my Grandma's maiden name.
#15-I, too, loved the 4th of July...and then Jaxon was born on that day, and it's SO hard to plan a birthday party for the poor kid. ha ha
#18:I totally love to start up conversations with strangers....all the time. It irritates my husband.
#19: I HATE speaking in public, too. I have cancelled TWICE when I was asked to speak in church. (am I supposed to say that? oops)
#31: Isn't the internet FUN?? I am really computer illiterate, but I believe I can find anything, too....and for a good deal! ha ha
#32: don't be embarassed....I love it, too. ;o)
#34: I can't stand camping. I was really worried about it, being called to YW.
#45: I got caught by the police for skipping school, too. Very embarassing.....
#48: I can't stand getting ready anymore. That's why I like to go to Nancy 'cause I hate doing my hair anymore. All those teenage years wore me out, I guess.
#52: chips and dip are my favorite food. Seriously.
#58: I absolutely love to stay up late. It's my only "peace and quiet time". Again, it drives my husband crazy. Sometimes I have to go to bed with him, and then sneak back downstairs after he's asleep.
#69- I very rarely wear socks, either. I just don't like them....
#80: Isn't that the truth?? I never had problems with my face when I was SUPPOSED to, but now I can't deal with it. It drives me crazy, and I have to really think positive sometimes or it completely gets to me. (I know, I'm a psycho...)
#90: I think your husband's job is cool, too. One time Jason and I were watching some special on TV on the Utah prison system and we saw Matt. Matthew's Grandpa has worked in the corrections system for years. He's awesome. Maybe Matt knows him....

OK...Was that a long enough comment for you?? Yikes....sorry!! I just have so much fun with these lists. Yours was great. I found out that I have lots in commone with you. I wish I could finish mine... I can't get past #62 now. I'm completely stuck. I guess I'm just not that interesting...ha ha

February 23, 2008 10:04 AM

Heather Keele said...

These are so hilarious! I learned so much about you, I feel like I've gotten our visiting teaching done this month! :)

I love what you said about Sesame Street - I thought I was the only one who got teary-eyed and nostalgic about old school Sesame Street. I'm also pretty proud of the fact that Max's favorite YouTube videos are old sesame street clips (his favorite is one with Madeline Kahn and Grover - watch it, it will totally take you back).

Wow. That's a lot about Sesame Street. Also, when Lemi and I come over this week, I'm going to see if we have the same dentist.

Thanks for posting all this. I think I'm going to do one (if I can think of a 100 things!)

Anne Marie said...
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Anne Marie said...

Stephanie, I love your list! I also like to shop on line and put everything I want in my cart. My friend calls it "Windows shopping." I am also with you on the not liking pets, loving Lake Powell, and I seriously close my eyes if a scary movie commercial comes on because I can not handle them. I don't know how people watch that kind of stuff! And I am seriously considering switching to your dentist. Maybe secretly take a picture of him with your camera phone next time and send it my way?

Mary said...

I love that you finished your 100 list. I have things in my head, I just need to write them down. You crack me up! I totally think you are a great writer. But I understand the anxiety... I have it any time I try to write too. I'm also glad you found humor in my blog. I was totally joking, and I love that you laughed your head off. :) I was starting to think I'd lost my sense of humor somewhere. I love that you get along with your siblings. I think reading your brothers comments are funny. You guys are lucky to have each other.

Heidi Irene said...

Let me clairify Stephs #2, she enjoys fresh breath and clean teeth, she just can't stand to see someones spit! :) Right Steph?

Stephanie said...

In response to Heidi's clarification of #2. I can't stand to see the toothpaste foaming out of someones mouth and then spit. Ick! Sometimes it even makes me gag to brush my own teeth. (But I still do).

Jen said...

Regardless if you like those kind of rides, you DO NOT want to do the Catapult! Been there, done that, and it is SCARY! ;)
Thanks for all your words and support on my blog. You are great!

Betty Grace said...

5- uh, the ghosts?
9- what would you have done.
19- that is surprising
46- Go Cougs
48- I don't like getting ready for bed
54- I miss that show too. Did you know My So-Called Life just came out on DVD- somehow those shows seem similar to me.
57- I LOVE Steve
74- I like to too, because I love getting packages in the mail
99- Tell me what you know. :)

carrie said...

Steph...I'm dying to know about the ghosts in your parent's house!! Please do a post about it.... I love hearing about that stuff!! :o) I hope you're doing well, by the way. I've been thinking about you....and I missed seeing you today. I went to church late today...and arrived right before YW, so maybe you were there and I just didn't see you. Anyway, we should all get together and go have dessert one of these nights. That would be fun, huh? Take care of yourself....

Stephanie said...

Carrie, my sister, Betsy, will have to post about our haunted Sandy house because I loved it there. Ghost's don't scare me :)
Thanks for thinking of me. I could use a cupcake or anything else.

collins family said...

I just wanted you to know that I just read your list, and I am going to respond more, I just don't have time right now because it is 10:40 pm, and apparently I just accepted a babysitting job for a girl in my ward...her 3 year old M-Th, 4 hours a day starting tomorrow. Really, I'm going to bed.

Christie said...

Great list! I too laughed so hard at the sensing spiders thing. I'm terrified of spiders, and the other night at dinner I noticed a spider over my hubby's head. I warned him that the spider was going to come down from the ceiling and land on him. Everyone laughed (we were at a family dinner). Anyway - not 5 minutes later, my nephew pointed at my hubby, and screamed "SPIDER!!!!". And guess what - that spider had come down and was in his hair. I jumped up from the table, and totally started freaking out. You would have thought the spider was on me. Needless to say, it was a memorable night!

collins family said...

Ok, #2. weird that I don't remember that about you, and we lived together even. #18. really? that's SO not me. #21. me too
#29. still going to make fun of you for this. #35. can you still? #45. this wasn't the time at mcdonald's right? because then you've been caught TWICE. haha
#48. oh me too...Zane loves "Pajama Day" as we call it.
#63. I for real do not remember this, but so much is lost for me from those days. #70. I love them (without kids mostly). #80. ugh, me too, unfortunatly my mom's still does. #84. I'm with you.

Ok that was annoyingly long, and I left a lot out. sorry.

Betty Grace said...

I'm not going to post about the ghosts. It freaks me out. Sorry.

a-anderson said...

I have always loved Kane's name. That is cool ist is after your mom. I love how outgoing you are to. The Execution room-not many people can say that! You have lots of hiden talents (tap dancing and piano to name a few). I loved reading your list. It is so fun to get to know fun facts about you.

Gina Steinagel said...

Hey Stephanie...I loved reading your list and learning so much about you. Love the sensing spiders...they are creepy, sneaky little things ugh!! I will totally ride the big rides with you...I love them and my oldest two are finally wanting to ride the scary rides now!! Ok and SAD in that some sort of depression? Cause if it is I'm with you on that one...but how are you doing this year with all you snow?? Oh I would have died if I was still there! I love that you bought a book on procrastination and you still haven't read it!! Fun list!!

Sarah said...

Hey Steph...I am impressed by your list, very funny and touching and honest...It makes me miss you and wish we were close again.

You ARE a great writer!

Anonymous said...

I learned a lot about you. Thanks for sharing.

Andrea said...

That was a great list! I am so afraid of spiders too!! I didn't know you had so many talents, you should show them off!

janae said...

Great list! I love that you and your siblings have such a great relationship and can keep in touch through blogging. You are so lucky.