Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kane's Interview

Kane decided to interview himself in the mirror today. Here's the dialogue:

Okay, how old are you? Uh, five. Okay now, when is your birthday? Uh, June 10th. Okay goodbye. Bye. I love you. I love you too. Wait, when is your birthday? June 10th! I already told you that! K, when is your birthday? I already told you that, June 10th! Uhhh! K, do you have a pet? Well, I have a mom. And my dad always works at our new house. (I don't quite understand what he says next, something about his other new house). Then a close up of his awesome dinosaur shirt.

Alright, seriously, do you have a pet? Well, I have a mom?!?!?!!! Priceless :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I've been having some issues with my self-esteem lately. I imagine most of us do from time to time. I often catch myself thinking of everything I don't like about myself, my weight, I am a procrastinator, I lose my temper too easily, feeling jealous, etc. Why is it so hard, or maybe it feels vain, to think of the things I love about myself. So I actually made a list. I think I am honest, loyal, funny, I like to talk to people, I am laid back, I am a good mom and wife.
A friend asked me to name something other people love about me. It was really hard for me to come up with something. So I asked them (my husband included) to tell me a couple things they love about me. Wow, I have felt so much better about myself the past few days! There's something comforting about knowing that both of my sisters think I have a nice rack! They did say more than that :) My husband came up with a great list of reasons he loves me too.
I added all of these to my written list. What a great thing to look at when I'm feeling bad about myself. The list of things I love about myself and the things other people love about me (physical things included is a big plus).
So, I am encouraging all of you to do the same. Maybe even in a blog. Ask people to tell you something they love about you. I think even just one adjective can be pretty powerful.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July (finally!)

This is going to be quick. Not too wordy, mostly pictures. Give me a break, I've been busy.
These are pictures from the party at my parents house on the 4th of July.

I think Betsy did the decorating, thanks Betsy!

Thanks to my family for helping to get the yard looking so spiffy!

Everyone (Darren, what are you doing?!?)

I made Betsy take a picture of me, because I'm always taking the pictures.. ooh my bangs are too short :)

"The Volleyball Game"

Slip 'n Slide
Asher (with a blue "faux"hawk)

Sorry Kane for posting this picture! We went to the Stadium of Fire. This was right after the jet fly by. Scared the heck out of Kane. Really, he was fine :)

Also, notice my counter at the bottom of my blog?? 38 days until my parents get home!!!!

FYI - My family, there were 2 t-shirts and some adidas left at my parents house.