Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have to write about how much gratitude I feel for my sister, Heidi. She posted a blog a couple weeks ago about abundance. It has had such a great impact on me. It says that you don't need to own anything anything to feel abundant. There are so many ways to notice abundance in our lives, and I've become aware of so many in my own life. It is such a great energy to witness abundance in the moment. These are some of the things I've noticed in my own life.
Laughing with my sisters (chips & salsa?)
Chatting daily with friends over the phone
Watching my boys put their arms around each other
Talking to my parents over my web cam
Knowing there are so many people out there that really are kind, and care about me
Making my nephew laugh
Being amazed at what a wonderful artist my daughter has become
Having the opportunity to attend church, and get there in less than five minutes
Eating good food with good friends
Being blessed with a husband that makes me feel beautiful and safe
Getting to know people and being able to share things like this through blogging
I'm sure I could go on and on. I hope we can all realize the abundance we are blessed with, it is an amazing gift.

Monday, May 19, 2008


We found a house! It's in Saratoga Springs. It is a foreclosure so we got a great deal. The plan is to close June 8th. We will have to replace most of the flooring (dang dogs!) and probably paint, so we won't be moving in until mid - late June. Anyone know where I can get a deal on flooring (carpet, wood)?

I also had to post this one of Asher in his new suit. He put it on and said, "I totally feel like Grandpa."

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Salad & Dancing

Kane made me a "snack salad" for Mother's Day. I was upstairs watching Survivor while he was putting it together. Which means he did this by himself.

The ingredients are: vanilla wafers, cut up strawberry nutrigrain bars, cut up string cheese, ripped up hot dog buns, starbursts and trail mix. He used a butter knife then put the dirty knife back in the drawer. Yummy!!! What a creative little chef :)

These are some videos of my brother in law, Jairon, performing with some of the dancers from the studio where Heidi teaches. Isn't he awesome??? He was the star of the show. My camera's battery died so I couldn't get the whole performance.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I'm alive!

I know some of you were probably wondering if I've disappeared. Here I am! Here's an update of a few things from the past couple weeks.

Asher learned to ride his bike (finally)! I think the fact that Heidi's 5 year old son, Will, can do it was good motivation.
Another funny thing about Asher. Last Saturday I woke up to him watching What Not to Wear. I TiVo'd it and he picked it over SpongeBob, Power Rangers, Hannah Montana. Awesome!
This is the best picture I got of Asher & Alivia (Andrea B's daughter) dancing at their Cinqo de Mayo program. My new camera arrived a few days late. They were so cute!!

Kane has started telling everyone his name is BYU. His new primary teacher had to ask me his real name because he would only say BYU and he wrote BYU on his paper. Haha!

Here are some videos. Asher really wanted his Grandpa Hintze to see his mexican dance. I won't be offended if the rest of you don't want to watch them.