Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Annual Update

Here's what's been going on the past 8 months.

I had a baby, Mason Richard Fairbank, on July 19.
8 lb 9oz, 21 in

Kane turned 6 in June

Asher turned 9 in September

Mason is 3 months old now

Kasey started high school (9th grade), this is her concert for her guitar class.


abi said...

Well, HELLO! Nice to see you here again. Way too short for a catch up blog post btw. Love you! =)

Jill said... went from almost bottom of my "updated" list to the tip top! Your baby is SO adorable! I want to pinch his little cheeks! Your family is beautiful and growing up too fast. I can't believe Kasey is in High School. Crazy! Well, I guess I'll see you at your next annual update. :-)

a-anderson said...

Glad to see your are still alive. Your baby is so cute, and I love the name Mason!

Lindsay said...

Really! You posted! Your baby is SO cute. Sorry I'm a loser and haven't seen either of you yet. You all look great!

Heidi P said...

Annual it. I love that pic of Mason.